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the EUChinaGRID initiative

Co-Funded by the European Commission in the framework of FP6, the EUChinaGRIDproject ran from 1st January 2006 to 31 March 2008, with the aim of supporting the interconnection of the existing European and Chinese Grid Infrastructures and enable their interoperability.

The first aim of the project was to facilitate scientific data transfer and processing in a first sample of pilot applications where a strong collaborations between Europe and China already exhisted. These applications immediately benefited of the new infrastructure, and acted in tur as the driving force to test and deploy an effective grid infrastructure between Europe and China.

During the 27 months of duration, the Project achieved several goals and created a network of collaboration between Europe and China in the area of grid computing and scientific applications.
At the end of the project, the pilot infrastructure includes 12 sites ( 5 of which are in China), with all relevant Grid services up and running.
A special stress was posed on designing an e-Infrastructure allowing full interoperability between European and Chinese e-Infrastructures and full compliance with an IPv6 environment. 

Application deployment has also achieved significant impact in several science fields.

Further information about the project works and achievements can be found in the project deliverables and other documents. The project consortium is planning further collaboration activities.


The EUChinaGRID project officially ended on 31 March 2008, after 27 months of activity and a number of goals achieved.

However, the project consortium is planning further collaboration activities for the next few months.